Starr Partners


\"The Team that gets the Best Prices!\"

Here at the Fairfield Office we take great pride in knowing that we can achieve the very best prices for our clients, both vendors and landlords alike, and that has now become our Company Mission Statement that drives our business philosophy.

All the staff here knows that the strategies to accomplish this revolve around Marketing, Systems and ourNegotiating skills. We now, after doing much research, can offer THREE DIFFERENT Marketing methods to put our clients\' properties head and shoulders above their competition. These methods are based on thoroughly researching the best forms of advertising; constantly updating our databases with the fresh enquiry our stock is receiving; and continuous in-house and external training.


We base most of our exposure on two major outlets: the local newspaper and the internet.

We deliberately chose the Advance newspaper as our local paper outlet. Our reasons for doing so are threefold: firstly it is the most widely distributed newspaper locally: secondly we have cornered the two centre pages of the real estate magazine found in the middle of the paper; and thirdly that paper\'s advertising rate is the most competitive, which saves our clients money.

Our internet exposure is greater that any local agents\' and we promote every property we list on a minimum of twelve real estate sites. We encourage every vendor to get a Virtual Tour done on their property, and we have sourced a Company that will do both a Virtual Tour and provide eight professional photos of each property for a minimal cost. This exposure attracts absolutely the most interest from buyers, who are becoming more and more techno savvy, and the still shots are also used in our newspaper ads, giving a far superior quality to each property than is this industry\'s standard.

We are the only local agent to produce its own two magazines, one for buyers and one for tenants, which are updated weekly and contain all our stock. AND we have the biggest window display in Fairfield! The proof our Marketing is working is shown in our statistics: last year we averaged 398 buyer and 497 tenant enquiries EACH MONTH! And all these people are databased to call on once we get fresh stock.


The only way a good business can possibly operate is by having excellent systems, and this Company is always reviewing and revising the best way we do things.

One of the most important things we must do is to constantly update our clients on what is happening with their property, whether they are sellers or renters, and to keep in continuous contact with them. We do this by phone, email and letters, or with regular face-to-face meetings. Keeping our clients informed is essential to them making smart, educated decisions.
Our internal communication is also vital and we hold regular meetings to discuss all our stock, our clients\' needs and what is happening in the market place today.


This is by far the most important aspect of our business. Good marketing and good systems will bring the buyers or tenants to our properties, but, without an expert negotiator, your price can still suffer. This is one of the reasons that we have no \'commission only\' contractors working with us. It is very hard to work well for your clients if you are not performing and you have no income!

More important than that, however, is the specific training that is needed to make a great negotiator, not just a salesperson that will take any offer to a vendor or landlord then push them to take it. Here at Starr Partners Fairfield we NEVER put pressure on a client. We inform, we advise, and then we step back to let that client make their own decision, which, regardless of the outcome,
we respect.