Starr Partners

Starr Partners Parramatta commenced business in May 2002 with a small team consisting of the Director (Mark Hurley), 2 sales people and a receptionist.

Mark has seen this office grow to now employ 25 Personnel. In 2009, Adam Denina joined Mark as his business partner as did Mel Simone in 2011. Together they have driven the office to bigger and better things. The expansion meant the office grew to cover all areas of real estate including Residential Sales and Developments, Residential Property Management and an Administration and Support team. The expansion also resulted in a number of awards and recognition within the local Parramatta area and within the Starr Partners group.

Starr Partners Parramatta now has a sales team of 9 who deal with the listing and selling demands of Residential Real Estate. This huge team assists over 500 buyer enquiries per month in sales alone.

We also have a Property Management Portfolio of approximately 1,750 properties. To maintain the best service to all of our tenants and landlords our office offers 5 experienced property managers, 3 property officers and 2 leasing clerks.

Our office is also very proud of our administration and support team who include receptionists, sales administration, sales support, Property management administration and book keepers/accountants. These people work extremely hard to keep the office so organised.

Due to the positive feedback we have received from our clients and the large amount of awards that we have won over the years, the staff of Starr Partners Parramatta believe that the expansion of our office is due to the hard work and the high quality of customer service we offer.